Aeonium haworthii is a 2 foot tall succulent shrub with freely growing branches. Rosettes of bluish-green leaves, keeled on the lower surface and often stained red along the ciliate margins, grow on the branches. The rosettes have a diameter of up to 4 inches. Flowers bloom late in April, with a pale yellow color and a pink tinge.


Blue Echeveria

Echeveria secunda produces lovely clusters of compact, short-stemmed petals that can reach a diameter of 6 inches (15 cm). The leaves are fleshy, oval-shaped, keeled, light blue-green, with a tint of pink, red, or brown on the edges and points, which is more noticeable in the winter. In comparison to the rosettes, the flowers are quite enormous. Late in the spring, the red and yellow blooms blossom on arching stalks up to one foot (30 cm) long.

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